About Eco Pond Solutions

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Commercial & Residential Pond & Water Garden Installation & Maintenance

Eco Pond Solutions of Rochester, New York serves the aquatic maintenance and management needs of residential, commercial, and agricultural pond owners in the Rochester, Penfield, Pittsford, Canandaigua, Monroe County and beyond. Founded by Lawrence Padasak, Eco Pond Solutions has grown to be one of the most respected water features, pond, and water garden, companies in the Finger Lakes and Western New York region.

Total Pond Maintenance & Management Services

Our comprehensive pond management and maintenance services include pond design and cleaning, and complete pond maintenance services to maintain a healthy aquatic ecosystem. We also provide fish stocking and surveying, as well as koi and fish management for ponds of all sizes, including both residential and commercial water gardens, ponds and water features. We are a leading supplier of pond fountains, pond diffusers, and aeration systems to mitigate harmful pond and aquatic oxygen level depletion.

With Eco Pond Solutions, your pond cleaning, maintenance, and management services are delivered by an experienced, professional team of aquatic and environmental professionals. We are dedicated to the highest standards of professional and technical services.

Professional Pond Contractor, Maintenance & Service Rochester New York

Eco Pond Solutions serves the Rochester, Monroe County, Western and Central New York areas and beyond, providing complete, professional pond care and maintenance services include fountain and aeration services, pond construction and repair, algae, duckweed, and aquatic weed management solutions,  and professional ecosystem and shoreline maintenance.