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Pond Fountains & Aerators

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Pond Fountains Installation & Maintenance

Commercial & Residential Pond & Water Feature Fountains Rochester, NY

Eco Pond Solutions has been installing quality Pond Fountains and Pond Aerators for over 20 years for our commercial, residential and HOA clients across the Rochester and Western New York area, as well as Syracuse, Central New York, the Southern Tier and communities across New York and Pennsylvania.

Pond Fountains help stimulate natural biodegradation of pollutants and natural organic waste. Fountains also add to the aesthetic appeal of your pond or water feature, while helping to circulate oxygen through your pond to support better fish health and aid in aerobic decomposition within your pond’s ecosystem.

Our team of Rochester, New York based pond professionals can assist you in determining which size fountain or fountains are most appropriate for your pond based upon your usage and needs. We provide turn-key pond fountain installation, removal and maintenance services, including onsite fountain cleaning and calibration.

We are proud to be a distributor of high quality Kasco Pond Fountains, a brand renowned for it’s outstanding quality and low maintenance in both the commercial and residential pond markets.

Ponds and water features come in all sizes and shapes, and pond fountains are available in a wide variety of styles, configurations and sizes to provide both functional and aesthetic solutions to meet your needs, whether it be subtle or breathtaking.  We also provide fountain lighting for dramatic nighttime fountain illumination and enjoyment.

Pond Aeration Installation & Maintenance

Properly maintained oxygen levels in your residential or commercial pond or water feature are critical to maintaining healthy ponds, fish habitat, and aquatic ecosystems. Adding aeration to your pond or water feature offers a host of benefits, including biological acceleration of the breakdown of organic matter which has a tendency to settle to the bottom of your pond as it ages. These organic materials and added nutrients decrease water quality and clarity by supporting the growth of algae.

In summer months, aeration is also extremely helpful in preventing fish kill by incorporating oxygen back into the water. During the winter months, aeration keeps a hole in the surface ice, allowing the exchange of gasses during sub-zero weather.

Supplemental aeration improves the overall health of your pond, fish, and other aquatic inhabitants by circulating oxygen throughout your pond water, thereby lowering the overall demand for biochemical oxygen and assists in metabolizing suspended nutrients which support the growth of algae.

Pond Aeration Maintenance Services

At Eco Pond Solutions, we provide end-to-end pond aeration installation and maintenance, including:

  • Replacing aerator filters and cleaning compressor cooling fans
  • Thoroughly cleaning airstones and diffusers
  • Repositioning air diffuser platforms as required
  • Measuring dissolved pond oxygen levels to determine when aerators are needed most

Commercial or residential ponds and water features of all sizes benefit from pond aeration. Ponds and water features are a serious investment. Let Eco Pond Solutions help you determine if your water treatment program would benefit from an effective aeration system.

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