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Pond Maintenance & Repair Services

Pond Repair, Restoration & Renovation Contractor Rochester, NY

Our Rochester NY based pond maintenance, repair and cleaning specialists provide expert services for large and small ponds and water features for commercial, residential, HOA, and agricultural clients throughout the Rochester and Western New York area, as well as Syracuse, Central New York and the Southern tier. Our comprehensive pond maintenance services are designed to keep your pond healthy, attractive, clean, and fully functional, while helping to reduce long term pond repairs and costs.

Our decades of experience allows us to provide clients with a full range of ecologically sound pond and water feature maintenance services throughout Western New York, Central New York, Rochester, Buffalo, and Syracuse areas and surrounding communities.

If you would like to speak with us to schedule an appointment or discuss your pond or water feature construction and maintenance needs, please contact us or call (716) 410-3613 today.

Our Pond Maintenance and Water Feature Maintenance Contractor Services include:

  • Monthly, Quarterly & Annual Maintenance Programs
  • Water Quality Testing & Fish Monitoring
  • Pond Cleaning, Treatment, and Coloring
  • Cyanobacteria toxic blue-green algae testing and treatment
  • Trash, vegetation, and debris removal
  • Fountain & Aerator Installation & Repair
  • Pond Enhancements & Preventative Maintenance

We also provide comprehensive services to deal with emergencies and other unforeseen events that impact the performance and biological health of your water garden, pond, fountain, and filtration systems.

Retention Pond & Water Feature Maintenance

Homeowners and business alike often want to construct and incorporate a beautiful koi pond or water feature on their property but are hesitant to do so because of perceived ongoing maintenance headaches and upkeep. With Eco Pond Solutions, we take all your koi pond and water garden maintenance and management needs in Rochester, New York, Western & Central New York, and beyond.

Retention ponds are critical for managing stormwater runoff, particularly in urban areas where impervious surfaces like roads, buildings, and parking lots can exacerbate flooding and erosion issues. Proper retention pond maintenance ensures that these ponds continue to function effectively, reducing the risk of downstream flooding, pollutant discharge, and other potential problems.

Pond maintenance is extraordinarily affordable, and when you partner with Eco Pond Solutions, it’s completely worry-free. Our services include pond cleaning and aquatic management, filter cleaning, pump inspection, aeration and fountain installation and maintenance, and underwater lighting.

We offer a full range of customized pond maintenance services to meet your specific needs, including annual, quarterly and monthly maintenance contracts and schedules, as well as one-time on-call pond services as needed. With the proper pond and water feature maintenance, your pond or water garden will always be clean, healthy, and look it’s best.

We also provide complete pond construction, renovation, and repair services, as well as shoreline and ecosystem maintenance and management services.

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