Regardless of where you may be in the Rochester, NY area or elsewhere in Upstate New York, to have a pond that has crystal clear water and looks beautiful takes some work. When the water begins to look murky that is a sign that your pond in need of maintenance. We have put together a list of some common pond maintenance mistakes that you will want to avoid so you can continue to have an attractive, healthy pond that you can enjoy for years to come.


Pond Maintenace MistakesInadequate Filtration in Your Pond

To have healthy aquatic balance filters are important. There are two types of filters, mechanical and biological. Mechanical filtration removes suspended solid materials that help to keep your pond clean and clear. Biological filtration is the process that removes excess ammonia by using nature’s nitrogen cycle. These filters are made up of colonies of bacteria that feed on and break down harmful chemicals. Keeping your pond free from ammonia and toxins is essential for fish health, and bio-filters also help remove the waste products that lead to extreme algae growth.


Overcrowding and Overfeeding Fish

Key triggers for excessive algae blooms can occur with the depletion of oxygen and a build-up of ammonia. Having a lot of fish may make your pond look great but it can also create a depletion of oxygen which can be unsafe for your fish and plants. Overfeeding your fish can cause excess waste that can turn your water into high ammonia levels. The danger of depleted oxygen and high ammonia can lead to extreme algae blooms. To prevent overfeeding, only feed what your fish will consume in 3 to 5 minutes only once a day.


Build Up of Leaves and Debris

When you have organic material like leaves settle into your water. If this builds up it can become a superfood for algae to grow. Removing dead leaves, fish, or plants from your pond will help to reduce ammonia and that will help keep your water clean and clear.


Runoff and Poor Drainage

If your pond is subjected to excessive rain and poor drainage you could be putting your pond in danger. Rainwater runoff can carry pollutants from the air, chemicals, and fertilizers from the soil which can make the water harmful. By constructing a lip around your pond, you can greatly prevent this runoff from damaging your pond.


Lack of UV Sterilization

When the water quality becomes poor the fish in your pond will become stressed, and they can develop bacterial and fungal infections. One thing that can cause this to happen is a lack of ultraviolet (UV) sterilization. There are UV sterilizers (clarifiers) that will attack the algae and other harmful bacteria as the water passes through the ultraviolet rays. What you get is a clean, well-balanced pond that is ideal for fish and aquatic eco system.

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