Pond Aeration Systems in Upstate New York

Pond aeration systems are one of the most popular ways to keep your pond healthy. The right pond aeration system, sized correctly to your pond, can effectively increase top to bottom water circulation, keep your pond’s biological processes active, eliminate pond water stagnation, and contribute significantly to keeping your pond clear, clean, and healthy.

best pond aeration systems rochester nyYour pond, if neglected, can become stagnant and unhealthy, loaded with nutrients, and very quickly susceptible to cyanobacteria harmful blue-green algae blooms which can be extremely toxic to humans, pets, and livestock.

Long term factors to be included when considering installing a pond aeration system in Central New York include the size and shape of your pond, it’s depth, biological oxygen requirements for its aquatic ecosystem, and the availability of power. All these factors should be known before investing in an aeration system for your pond, which is one reason to consider consulting a professional pond maintenance specialist to make sure you don’t end up making a costly mistake by selecting an inappropriate system.


An electric pond aeration system, at its most basic level, consists of a compressor, appropriately sized tubing, and air diffusers. The first step in choosing a system is to accurately measure the size of your pond, including its depth. Eco Pond Solutions can help you with this either by means of an on-site or virtual consultation. Generally speaking, a properly installed pond aeration system includes one diffuser per acre of surface water.

Next consider the shape of your pond as well as it’s slope. Are there inlets? What about bays which may require an additional diffuser? How deep is your pond? Does it have a consistent slope?  Deep ponds, particularly those at higher elevations, require more powerful compressors than shallower ponds at lower elevations.

Oxygen demand is a critical consideration in terms of water quality. As an example, a pond with a large population of fish will have a higher oxygen demand.

When choosing which diffuser to use, self-cleaning diffusers require extremely low maintenance. Self-weighted, thick wall tubing drops to the pond floor without the necessity of extra weights. Energy efficient aeration system compressors are available is a wide variety of sizes suitable to virtually every application.

Pond Aeration Installation Specialists in Rochester NY

Pond aeration systems are not an insignificant investment and require expert sizing and specification. If you are considering a new or replacement pond aeration system, we invite you to call Eco Pond Solutions at (716) 410-3613 to discuss pond services that fit your needs and schedule an on-site consultation.


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