Rochester NY Pond Maintenance ServicesMy mother loves her garden and she spends hours keeping it looking beautiful and enjoying it. As a pond owner in the Rochester, New York area, as elsewhere, the same can be said for keeping your pond healthy – it takes a lot of care and consideration. Professional pond maintenance services can go a long way to ensuring you have a clean, healthy pond that you, your pets, and wildlife can enjoy throughout the seemingly ever so short summer months in the Syracuse, Finger Lakes and western New York region.

Why Does My Pond Smell?

There are several reasons why your pond may smell. One of the primary reasons is simply dead vegetation. Pond cleaning can remove old leaves and dead plant material. While some pond owners use a pump or a pond filtration system to keep their pond clean, others may use beneficial bacteria treatments, or a combination of treatments such as a country pond filtration system. Aquatic plants, when they die, decay and adversely affect your pond water nitrogen levels and increase bottom sediment.

Cyanobacteria and Harmful Algae Blooms

It is easy for pond algae to grow and bloom, particularly when days get longer in the spring and summer. Appropriate treatment is required to mitigate blue green algae blooms that can be toxic to not only humans but also to pets, livestock, fish, and wildlife.  Elsewhere, while oxygenating plants are essential to your pond, they can easily take over your pond. Ideally they should not fill more than one-third of your pond.

Increase Pond Oxygen Levels

Pond aeration systems can vastly improve oxygen levels in your pond from top to bottom helping make your pond an ideal habitat for Koi and other fish stock. Effective aeration systems almost always include pond water biological filtration system to break down and eliminate toxic waste.

Pond Maintenance & Services

Ongoing maintenance is critical to the performance of every pond. Without regular maintenance, the system will eventually fail due to excess buildup and structural issues, and routine upkeep can prevent costly rehabilitative and restorative repairs. For your pond services call ECO Pond Solutions at (716) 410-3613 and see how we can help you and your pond.

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