As a way to maintain healthy pond water oxygen levels in Upstate New York ponds, you need to understand the role that oxygen plays. Fish need oxygen to breath and oxygen-rich water helps for better biological filtration. A pond with clean and clear water will rely on oxygen to maintain stability.

pond maintenance water oxygen levels - Pond Water Oxygen LevelsRemove Waste

If your pond has dead and decaying matter, you should know that the oxygen will be used up by it. You can use a net or vacuum to remove any leaves or debris that has settled on the bottom of your pond and surface. It is best to skim the surface debris before it sinks and becomes for difficult to find and remove. Performing regular pond maintenance is important to both aquatic plants and fish.

Provide Shade

To add shade to your pond you may find that floating water plants are the easiest and quickest way to do that. When water is cool it holds onto the oxygen better than when the water becomes overly warm.

Plant the Right Plants

Adding the right types of plants to your pond is important. Think about adding a mixture of marginal plants, floating plants, and submerged plants. This combination will help decrease algae growth. By adding plants like Anacharis and Cabomba they will increase the oxygen levels and work to improve water quality.

Maintain Proper Pond Filtration

It is absolutely critical that you clean and maintain your pond water filtration system regularly. A clean filter will perform better and increase the water movement while doing a better job in removing waste from your pond.

Adjust Pond Water Oxygen Levels to Match Fish Population

The more fish you have in your pond the more oxygen will be required. Fish can be enjoyable to have but the more populated they get; the more oxygen is required. You can add more aeration devices to maintain proper oxygen levels.

Exposed Water Surfaces

During the winter months, it is important to keep a small portion of the pond surface from freezing. The use of an aeration kit or deicer will help maintain a small opening that will allow for gas exchange which prevents the buildup of toxic gases.

Fresh, Clean Water

If a partial water change is necessary, you should not replace more than one-third of the water at one time. Replacing water can help to bring in oxygen-rich water back into your pond and help with overall water quality. If your water, you are adding has chlorine you will want to neutralize it to de-chlorinate the water to protect your fish and aquatic plants.

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