Beneficial Bacteria and the Health of Your Pond

healthy pond maintenance rochester ny beneficial bacteriaHave you ever wandered through a forest? If you have, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that new plants are blooming, and old plants are dying. Dead branches have fallen to the ground and are decaying and decomposing. Much like what is happening in a forest, the same thing is happening in your pond. The bottom of your pond has aquatic plant and other natural materials constantly decaying. Helping with the decay and degradation process is naturally occurring bacteria that helps the microbial breakdown of organic matter that naturally accumulates on the bottom of your pond. Without the presence of these bacterial organisms, the natural decay and breakdown of organic materials in your pond are much slower or even non-existent. Beneficial bacteria are a necessary part of the healthy aquatic ecosystem that your pond should be.

The Real Benefits of Beneficial Bacteria

Having the proper amounts of beneficial bacteria in your pond benefits the health of your pond, and the fish that inhabit it, as well as the aquatic plants that make it home by:

  • Aiding in the digestion of sediment, thereby reducing the overall nutrient load of the pond.
  • Helping to reduce the growth of nuisance plant and algae, and the appearance of harmful algae blooms.
  • Helping to restore healthy oxygen levels in your pond, to keep it looking clear.
  • Aid in converting dead and decaying organic materials into important nutrients, including phosphate, sulfate, and nitrate.

And having a well-balanced amount of healthy, beneficial bacteria helps reduce unwanted odor from your pond.

Beneficial Bacteria: The Bottom Line

Beneficial bacteria, properly administered, can be a solid addition to healthy pond management. But as with most things, there are many choices you can make which can achieve your goal with varying degrees of success. Depending on the type of pond being treated, in-flow and out-flow, pond usage and design, aquatic life, and more.

The best thing you can do when considering beneficial bacteria and its role in your pond is to consult with a professional pond maintenance expert. Not only can they help you determine the best course of action in keeping your pond healthy, but they can also advise you on an overall plan to keep your pond and aquatic ecosystem healthy for years to come.

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